There really is no end to the amount of names that they can come up with at the local animal shelter.  From Oreo to Mr. Black.  All these little beauties are up for adoption at DuPage County Animal Care and Control in Wheaton, IL.  There are some wonderful pets that need homes if your considering being a pet owner :-)!!

Also… come on down to their fall fest Saturday, 9.20.14 and see if there’s someone waiting for you!  Fall Fest Info

The Men getting ready fort the BIG DAY!!!

Wedding Day ii.  Rain hit us as soon as we finished the formals at the Danada Equestrian Center.  It was a hot and mosquito-filled afternoon but you wouldn’t know it by the smile on the Bride and Groom’s faces.  Nothing could get them down!

A civil service in DuPage County.  It was beautiful simplicity.  Thank you Renee and Rohit for allowing me to photograph this special wedding day.  It was a pleasure!!

The Little Traveler in Geneva, IL.  The quintessential shop where you still have ladies above the age of 70 showing off outfits and telling you where you can purchase them and at what price.  We celebrated my niece’s birthday and had five generations sample boutique food.  Grandma came out for the occasion and we were all queens for a day!

with cookie…without cookie…

When you turn one, the best part isn’t the presents…it’s the smash-cake!  Happy birthday Harlan!  Enjoy your first taste of cake.

This couple is full of love and more than excited to be bringing their first little one into the world in October.  We beat the heat and the crowds at Montrose Harbor Beach to capture a few maternity shots with the Chicago Skyline!

Geneva IL.  Fabyan Park. Family shoot.  Great beautiful clouds made it the perfect diffuse light to capture these guys.  The only drop of rain hit us as we finished up!  I love it when the timing works.

A summer birthday party needs only two things…a bouncy house and a sprinkler!

I had an excellent day with the owners, staff, interns and customers of Prairie Path Books (located on Front Street in Wheaton, IL)  as they readied the store for the fall season.  If you live in the area then you must check it out!  Cozy, bright and full of more than just books it’s a must for book-lovers of all ages.